What does the service offer?

Our aim is to support you and work with you to find ways to improve your quality of life and in spite of your persistent pain, to live as independent a life as you would wish. 

All the available service options from the Somerset Community Pain Management Service can be found in this download.

Your Appointment

You will have up to 30 minutes on your first appointment. You are welcome to bring a family member or a friend with you.

During your first appointment we will:

  • Ask to look at the questionnaires you have filled in so we can focus on the things you want to talk about
  • Spend time listening to you so we can have a better understanding of how pain is affecting you
  • Listen to how you have tried to manage your pain so far
  • Help you begin to develop a plan that may help with goals that are important to you
  • Look at how best to support you in moving forward, through one-to-one review sessions or by discussion with you referral to another member of the Somerset Community Pain Management Service

What happens after the appointment?

A further appointment, if required, will be made by the receptionist on the day or sent to you by post. Any other outcomes/referral to other members of the team will be discussed at that appointment. We will send you a letter outlining what was discussed and a copy will be sent to your Doctor.

What do we know?

  • There are rarely any simple explanations for persistent pain or short term solutions
  • Pain is unique to each person
  • Pain affects many activities people value the most
  • Pain does not necessarily mean that your body is ‘damaged’

People tell us about the different ways pain affects their lives. Some of these Include:

  • Their occupation or being out of work
  • Their social life
  • How they feel
  • Their relationships with friends and family
  • Their activities and hobbies