Physical Activities

What does this involve?

  • An appointment with a Physiotherapist to review your current activity levels and develop a goal directed plan.
  • Integrated Lifestyle Service includes Proactive
  • Seeing a health trainer or attending a gym based programme; referral will be required by your Specialist or GP.
  • Back Rehabilitation classes.
  • Falls and Balance classes.
  • Your personal goals supported by your clinician

When is this appropriate?

  • When you would like to work towards a specific physical activity.
  • When you feel you would like more confidence with physical activity.
  • When you have tried increasing your activity levels and think you may benefit from more support.

What do I need to consider?

  • What goal am I working towards?
  • What form of physical activity and support is most likely to help me to continue this over the longer term?
  • Do I want to do this on my own or in a group?

How many sessions does this involve?

  • These can vary with individuals.
  • The Back Rehabilitation group classes consist of 6 weekly sessions.